The choice of living our wellness treatments in the spa reveals itself a health benefit for your body and mind. Below the list of both individual and couples Wellness paths we offer.
During the wellness path, the staff will only be present in the “Hamman” treatment. The entrance to the wellness center is reserved exclusively for you (and your partner, if you are in couple) ensuring privacy and relax in a legendary experience of “a thousand and one night”! For each of our paths a kit is included. It is made up of: “bathrobe, towels and slippers, disposable pants, headset or band, shampoo and show gel, hair dryer” and in the relax area there are toilet facilities dedicated to the same area. Moreover, each wellness path can be customized with your own ideas: inclusion of flowers, heart-shaped cakes, photos, videos or favorite songs that can be shown on the plasma tv placed inside the relaxation area.

We also offer specific paths for stag/hen parties, International Women's Day and birthdays up to a maximum of 10 people. Reservation is mandatory. In line with the original Maghreb ritual, the spa package "Path Purification" is ideal for those who want to renew their skin. After this treatment, there will be a shower and inside the steam room, the temperature of about 45 degrees together with the steam help the pores dilation. Then we go to the “gommage” treatment performed all over your body, inside the steam room where you can benefit from the properties of the soft steam. The path does not include the pool and it ends with an invigorating break in the relaxation room, where you can sip green tea with sweets or fruit and prosecco.
Duration of the path 1h and 30min


San Marzano sul Sarno

Nocera Superiore

Classic Couple Path

The classic couple path is addressed to those who want to spend a few hours of relax with their partner. The pleasant relax starts from the steam bath, ideal to dilate the pores, and within which you will find the Dead Sea salts that you can use to give your body a light peeling, the path continues in the Jacuzzi tub, where you can relax all your muscles. Furthermore, comfortably from the Jacuzzi tub you can delight your palate with prosecco bubbles and with a cutting board of fresh fruit. At the end of path, you will rest on “the tatami” where you can sip green tea with sweets.
Duration of the path 2h and 30 min

Luxury Couple Path

The ''Luxury Couple Path'' differs from the classic one because it also includes the couple massage (duration 60 min) made inside the relaxation area on the tatami, a mattress placed on the ground. the massage will be performed by 2 operators with the help of legs , feet and forearms...all accompanied by the warm light of candles and the scent of incense.
Duration of the path 3h

Ayurveda massage

Inside the relaxation area and wrapped by the color therapy lights: the Ayurveda massage is part of the broader science of Indian life. Ayurveda is known as medical science but especially as sacred medical science: therefore, the Ayurveda massage is considered to be a technique with sacred substance. It's not just about a massage that tones muscles or that favors the lymphatic drainage but it is also a methodology that is capable of transforming repressed energies and it allows the body to regenerate. The Ayurveda massage recognizes every single person from his/her Dosha, that is, on the basis of his/her own structure: Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Duration of treatment 60 min.

Candle massage

Lasciati coccolare dalla piacevole sensazione delle gocce del leggero e fluido burro vegetale che arriva sulla tua pelle con un dolce calore, sciogliendo le tensioni, donando piacevolezza, ridando tono e vigore al corpo, liberandolo così dalle fatiche e ricaricandolo di benessere Durata del trattamento 60 min.

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